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Monday, 30 January 2012 23:34

Szymon Kasprzyk

2 September 2011

That was a good day for me! First ring, first lesson. Everybody feels good. Uhmm… and English lesson, yeah, I love that!
At my first English lesson my teacher told us about Comenius project. My English teacher, Mrs. Dudek announced that our school will participate in Comenius - Socrates program. She told us about writing our own diaries in  which we have to describe our impressions about the project . I thought ‘ Why not? ’
When I got home I started immediately writing my own diary. And…
here you are!

9 September 2011
Next page of my memories, and next day with Comenius.
On today’s lesson my English teacher told us a few words more about the program. Actually, we were talking about posters which will promote the project. A group of my friends has a task to prepare a poster informing about Great Britain – flag, monuments, basic information and so on. Mrs.Dudek gave them some tips. I don’t have artistic skills. The teacher chose the most talented students.  I’m sure that it’ll be a good job.

20 September 2011

For a long time we didn’t talk anything about the  Comenius project. When our English teacher back after period of illness. We finally start our works within the project anew. I’m very enthusiastic about that.

12 October 2011

On Tuesday my English teacher told us that we have a page on facebook. It is called ‘ Different body languages and gestures of different countries ‘. She also said that we should join up to the group. I have to send her my pages of diary, because soon our works will be included on this page : posters, diaries, including mine . So… I will do that as soon as possible.

30 October 2011

For a long time I did not add entries to my diary. But it's time to complete the diary events that were happening during that period of time. Some time ago we recorded together with the teachers a film, which presents our school and the city. Of course I was in this movie, and I had one, modest role. When short videos were glued together into one movie, our teacher invited us to the film room and we watched a masterpiece. I can say that, we were superb. The teachers will take this film to the countries covered by the Comenius program and I hole I will watch their movies.

17 November 2011

We watched the videos from Itally and Spain on Tuesday ! I must say that they were great. I liked them very much. I was curious how the lessons are conducted in other countries and now I know everything. Overall,  I am very happy that we are connected with the Comenius, I’ve learned many new things and a few new words, not only in English.

Natasza Sumera

2 September 2011’
Dear Diary!
Oh Noooooo… ;( School. Just now. So quickly. ;(
Today, on the first English lesson my teacher Mrs. Dudek advertised us the Comenius project (first good news on this crazy day at school ). Anyway, I think that I can take part in this project. And the first thing I’m going to do now is to take part in the competition the teacher mentioned. It’s the Comenius Logo – it is contest for all students. Body Language – this is the topic of this Logo.
I  think that it is something for me… even if not, it can be a good fun.

8 September 2011’
Dear Diary!
Oh My Good!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today 7 lessons ( just like usually ) were very, very boring and exhausting
I’m so tired.
At the moment I’m thinking about one--- no--- two lessons, English and P.E.
I’ll told you something about this first – English.
First day when I heard about this project, I thought :,, It will be good fun!
Today, I know something more about it, and I know what we’ll be doing exactly. We will SCOOT FILM about our school, about our live, about teachers and students. Of course it will be in English language.( so cool)
We – actresses- will go ( very slowly, very quickly, even mouse couldn’t hear us) to the other class, while they will have normal lessons and they won’t know anything about us , and
We scoot the film………………………………………………………………..
And the best of this is that:  
We’ll be doing something spontaneous,
I don’ know ;;; maybe
Do you understand me ??????
D-O Y-O-U U-N-D-E-R-S-T-A-N-D- M-E?-?-?-?-?

19 September 2011’
Dear Diare!
Hello! I must tell You something.
I have just done poster - in fact it is not a poster but it is the map of Great Britain – for school Comenius Corner (on the second floor in my school, near the school library).
Maybe You might not believe me, but I was doing this “masterpiece” through three hours.
So long!!!
But I think that I have done a good job, and my map is very beautiful and enough clear now.
I’m glad and I hope that everyone likes it.
OK. I ‘m so tired now, and it’s late and I’m going to school tomorrow, so I’m going to sleep.

4 October 2011’

WoW, I can’t believe. Today  it’s fourth of October.
And the next month learning . HELP ME!;( ;);););))
But in October, my class will be doing our movie. (Comenius project)
Do you remember???
Yeach, we have got one month to set on this move, and I’m so interested about it cause I like films very much. And in the future it will be very good reminder for us.
I think THAT,

28 October 2011’
Dear Diary!
Today ,,,
morning ,,,
at school ,,,
we were preparing movie about our (super) school for Comenius project.
On English lesson I and my friends played a role play. I was drolly, because I forgot the text . But I had half an hour to learn it by heart.
But I think it was OK 
YO, and on my Polish lesson ( he he,, one less Polish lesson this year)  our teacher filmed students while they were introducing our super, amazing and the best school
( of course everything was for Comenius project in English).
Me and my sister, Hania, were film stars today ( we aren’t afraid of public performance).

In my opinion everything was funny and ingenious.!!!!! ! ! ! ! !!!! !    !!!! !!!   ! ! ! ! !
OHHHHHHHHHH and finally,
ALL MY CLASS – 2a ( THE BEST CLASS ALL OVER THE WORLD) was filmed all together.
WE TRIED TO DO OUR BEST ---- SMILE, JUMPE, YELLE --- to the camera ( through 10 seconds)

Paulina Malczyk
16 th of September
Dear Diary !  ; D
It’s September ! Let’s back to sql ! I’ ve found out about international project in the program of `Commenius`. I think it’s interesting ; ]. The name of this project’s  `Different Body Languages and Gestures of Different Countries.`  Our sql  cooperates with other sqls in Great Britain , Italy  & Spain. It sounds  awesome ;D. I’ve just painted my nails. My nail polish’s turquoise.  It  looks wonderful ♥ ! Now it’s the end. I must do my homework ; <

Klaudia Wdówka
6 th (of) September.

Dear diary!

At the moment not too many important things are happening.
Today at school the class tutor announced us that our school takes part in a project ''Different Body Languages and Gestures of Different Countries''. It will be conducted also in Italy, Spain and Great Britain. This idea appealed to me. It is perfect opportunity in order to get to know the culture of other countries. Thanks to that project it will be possible to learn what gestures, body language are used in Poland and what they mean in other countries. The first classes got the task to prepare the logo associated with the conducted plan, but the second have to do the news-sheet about the subject matters. Willing students from the third classes are supposed to write the diary which is being associated with our school plan. I decided to undertake it, since this quite interesting job is revealed and I think,
that it's worth trying something new. I am finishing the today's note directed at you. I promise, that as for the conducted project at the school, I will be keeping you informed

Klaudia 

Sandra Pabis

6th of September, 2011
Dear diary !

Today my English teacher, said that my school participates in Comenius project ‘Different Body Languages and Gestures of Different Countries’. We work with students from schools in Great Britain, Italy and Spain. I think it is a good idea to be able to get to know some differences that separate us from people from other countries. I never thought what might differ me from the foreigners with the exception of colour of skin. In my opinion it is
an excellent idea to know body language and gestures of people from other countries, even
in small cases.. That's all for today, my diary. I think I will soon write something again.


Project start!

On the first English lesson we learned about Comenius – a project for schools. Our project is called "Body languages and Gestures of Different Countries".  The teacher  told us what things we are going to do.

Each of us send what the for the project. We willingly approached to him.

One of our task is writing a diary. We have describe all about project.
I think this project is very interesting.  



Tuesday, 06 September 2011

My dear diary,

You know, that I come back to school after holidays and that's why I didn't write on your paper for seven days! Oh my God! This is so long for me and I missed you very much...
I hope  that you will forgive me...
I would like to tell you something. Today I learn together with my friends in my class that my school will participate in very interesting project which name is: "Different Body Languages and Gestures of Different Countries". I think that this is good idea and I want to take part in it. This project unites not only different countries such as Spain, Italy or Great Britain but also expands knowledge of all students, who have to give of yourselves more than usual. You know that my lessons sometimes are very boring, because I wrote to you about it not only once. Now I feel that life in my school could change. I'm very excited that I can be part of this project. I'm only afraid, that this project would be available to few selected people, but we will see... You know that I like meeting people from all over the world. I think that my class and students from Spain, Italy and Great Britain will become friends soon.
This project recalls me about my holidays in Italy, when I walked the streets of Rome or sailed a boat in romantic Venice. This project allows me that I could come back to this place not only in my dreams. Thanks to them I will learn more and more about countries which
I adore. You know my dear diary that I love to travel...
I'm little worried that I don't know too many details. I only know that first class has to make logo associated with the title of this project and second class has to make wall newsletter.
When I will hear new things about this project I will write to you about them immediately.

See you soon my diary :)

Klaudia ;)


Nasza Szkoła

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